My new imac isn’t here yet and it’s already obsolete!

OK. Maybe “obsolete” is a bit strong, but I just found out that there are rumours that a new larger, better iMac is to be announced next week (just in time for me to receive my own outdated iMac).

OK. Sour grapes out of the way, even if the rumour that they’re going to announce a 23″ Core 2 Duo iMac next week is true, I think I’m OK with it. I was already wondering if the 20″ that I ordered might be on the unwieldy side. Also, it will probably cost more and my order was already on the limits of my price range. The only disappointing thing for me is that the price for the 20″ iMac will probably go down after the announcement, but I won’t see any savings there. (Maybe that little bit of disappointment is the reason why my hands keep typing “iMad” instead of “iMac”…)

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