Still no Mac, but I have a book.

switching2mac.jpgOn the recommendation of a co-worker, I checked out a really great book about switching to Mac. It’s called Switching to the Mac: The Missing Manual, by computer guru David Pogue. I got it from the library since I don’t think I’ll need it forever, just at the beginning… no sense in spending even more money. It’s really well-written and easy to understand. It covers everything: how to get email from your pc; what are the differences between the two operating systems; how to install the os (if you need to); setting up accounts; some of the basics of Mac OS X; transferring files to the Mac from your PC; and software-specific information. My favourite part is the “Where’d It Go?” Dictionary at the end of the book. It lists all kinds of Windows terms and items and tells you what’s comparable on the Mac (all with a great sense of humour). Sample entries:

Most people call them folders on the Mac.


There is no registry. Let the celebration begin!

It contains a lot of very practical and useful information and is a lot of fun. I’ve already read most of it (some parts a couple of times), so I’m all set to turn on my new iMac (when it comes). Bring it on!

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