Can’t sleep… gotta play with new iMac…

That title is pretty accurate (I have been staying up ’til the wee hours most nights since I got my iMac), but actually I’ve been spending most of my time with the new iTunes (getting artwork for my albums, etc.). Nevertheless, I have done a lot and will have plenty to report in my next post. I’ve been having a really good time with my new iMac so far. It’s sitting on my dining table. Funny story: I didn’t know that the mouse was going to be optical (because when I played with it in the store, I remembered the little track ball on top and mentally equated that with it having a ball on the bottom). Alas, my dining table is glass, which gives no love to an optical mouse. Now I’ve got to go back to the bad old mousepad. (Is it a weird sign of the times that we now tell computer anecdotes?)



Here’s a photo of me and Mac (sorry for the poor quality, but it was taken with a cell phone camera, because I don’t have a digital camera–hey, I can’t afford ALL the cool toys at once!)

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