Podcasts for Mac fans

If you’ve seen my other blog (Alvin’s Adventures in Pop Culture) you might know that I am a big fan of podcasts. Not only are they a fun way to pass the time on a long commute, they are also a wealth of information. I started listening to podcasts about the Mac even before I’d decided to get one. I wanted to hear what kinds of problems users needed advice on and what kind of issues kept coming up for Macs (ironically there were not that many problems being discussed, which gave me even more confidence in the Mac).

When I got my Mac, I wanted to get full-on into Mac podcasts in order to learn as much as I could. I listened to a number of them at first (and there are quite a large number) but many of them were full of chatter (and advertising) that really put me off. In the end, I settled on one, then discovered another, which have now become my regular staple.

The Mac Attack


This show is weekly, hosted by a nice and friendly-sounding guy who really seems to know his stuff. As the slogan of the show suggests, this program is about Mac tips, tricks, hints, etc. and is really a straightforward source of information about Macs for Mac users. There is often a theme or topic for each show (such as Security, Networking, Shareware, etc.) and often the host, Steve Stanger, will respond to questions and comments from listener emails. He also touches on topics of Mac news. I love this program because the way Steve talks is really down-to-earth. He doesn’t assume that the listener is super-technical, but neither is he pandering to Mac for Dummies. I think any Mac user new or veteran can learn lots of great stuff from this podcast. Check it out

MacBreak Weekly

macbreak.pngI was really skeptical about this podcast at first because I’d listened to another similar (very popular) podcast called This Week in Tech (aka TWIT) and I didn’t like it. However, even though MacBreak Weekly is in a similar roundtable format, it’s much better (and I’m not just saying that because I’m a Mac convert).

Each week, a group of expert panellists, led by the ubiquitous Leo LaPorte, talk about some of the latest developments, news and rumours in the Mac world. What makes this show great to listen to is not only that these guys are giving expert opinions, but they’re also regular Mac users/lovers like we are–plus their banter is hilarious. These guys are smart and knowledgeable, but also very witty and not at all stuffy or stuck up. An added bonus is that every week, to end the show, they go around and each give a recommendation of an app or something for the Mac that they’ve discovered and love. Listening to this show really makes a Mac user feel like part of a cool club and fun community. Enjoy!

By the way, there’s also a companion video podcast called MacBreak, which is of a completely different format. Leo LaPorte again hosts a bunch of guest presenters (usually one each episode) who bring tips, etc. to demonstrate on-camera.

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