Mac ads go global

So I’m sure that if you’re reading this blog, you must have seen some (if not all) of the Get a Mac ads. You know, the ones that start “Hi, I’m a Mac, and I’m a PC”. I know they’re a bit snarky, but don’t you love them? I do. I think they’re pretty funny and clever.

Did you know that there are versions of those ads in other countries? They’re all very similar, with a nebbish kinda guy representing the PC and a hipper guy as the Mac. However, there are some cultural nuances to distinguish them beyond just the different language or actors. So far I only found versions on the Japanese and UK Apple web sites. The rest seem to point back to the US ads (which is too bad. I’m always intrigued by the way marketing translates differently from culture to culture).

The Japanese version seems almost identical, except with more bowing. I don’t understand Japanese, so I don’t know how the humour might have been slightly altered. This picture is of the PC defending himself from security breaches. After the Mac points out a virus coming, the PC cowers behind him. (Check out the web site)


The UK version is again very similar to the American, but the flavour just has that British-ness to it. Here the PC is explaining how he can make family vacations fun too, by using pie charts. “Here we’ve further divided ‘Hi-jinks’ into ‘Capering’, ‘Monkey Business’ and ‘Just larking about’.” Ha ha! Priceless! (Check out the web site)

Finally, there are a number of spoofs on the Mac ads as well. You can find some of them on YouTube. There are also a bunch from TrueNuff TV (Check out the web site). This one is pointing out how Macs aren’t great for games. (The third guy represents the even less-respected Linux.) High-larious!

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    Very nice site, i love it!

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