The saga continues

So it’s been a week and a half since my own Black Tuesday. My iMac is still in the shop. Apparently there was something wrong with the logic board. (Which is ironic because I’m such a logical person myself.) The shop told me last Wednesday that they’d ordered the part and that it would arrive in 2-3 business days, so like a good little boy I waited until Monday to phone (at least I think I waited; it’s all becoming a needy, desperate blur in my memory). As you may recall from my last post, I was about to hand in a crucial assignment for my Advanced Flash class and now I couldn’t touch any of my work (why didn’t I just pull an all-nighter on Monday to get it done… I guess I need a good crystal ball to help me avoid such pitfalls, eh?)

When the part didn’t come even the next day (one week after Black Tuesday), I got antsy. I called the shop and they still hadn’t gotten the part. I explained how desperate I was and how my entire grade depended on this assignment. The shop was sympathetic, but there was nothing that they could do. I then (at someone’s suggestion) called Apple again. They didn’t see that the part was shipped yet, but I explained my situation and my case got transferred to Customer Service instead. The customer service rep told me that there was some demand for this part and that it might take until the middle of August for me to get it. Again I told my tale of woe and pleaded with him whether there was a way to make this happen sooner. He took pity on me and had me escalated to the top of the list to get the part (I felt like I was on the kidney waiting list or something), I think he even mentioned that I was top in Canada and US.

Sadly, my kidney… I mean logic board, has still not arrived today (two days later). I couldn’t wait any longer because tonight’s my last Flash class. Now keep in mind, I’m not an all-eggs-one-basket kind of guy. Meanwhile I’d been emailing my teacher, telling him my tale of woe and he was really understanding and willing to do what he could to give me extensions, etc. Nice guy. Finally, I had the idea that since my hard drive was OK, why couldn’t the shop hook it up to another computer and get my files onto a CD. When I called them up, they were very accommodating and nice (they’d already become familiar with my tale of woe) about it. They set things up for me (for a non-warranty fee) and I was able to get my files onto a CD to hand into my teacher.

It’s been an interesting ride so far (it’s interesting now because I had something to hand in tonight. If not, I think it would still be in the “frustrating” domain) because I don’t think I’ve ever really taken any of my PCs to the shop. My Dell never had any problems. Ironic, no? So my point is, I don’t know whether the service I’ve been getting has been on the nice and helpful side, or just normal. Either way, I’ve appreciated everyone’s understanding — if only they could make the parts move faster. Bottom line is still bottom line, isn’t it? I still don’t have my computer back. Another funny thing is that every time I call Apple, they send me an email for feedback on the call. Part of me feels like saying: the call was great, but I can’t email you back the frickin’ survey without my computer. But I don’t want to hurt their feelings when they’ve been so considerate of mine.

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