iMac is back

Just in time for Apple to announce a new, cooler iMac, my own white, non-aluminum iMac has finally returned from the shop. I’m very happy to have my computer back. I’ve been using my work PC laptop at home in the interim and I have to say that it’s been a bit odd. I definitely felt less eager to use the PC to do stuff than the Mac. The Mac just made everything feel slightly more fun. Using the PC full time again felt a bit like going into the past for me (granted, I don’t have Vista on my PC, it’s still XP so maybe it is kind of like going into the past).

Sadly, my faith in Apple has been shaken a bit. Don’t get me wrong. I still think Apple is awesome and I’ll recommend them to whoever wants to hear me, but the fact that such a major hardware problem happened to me less than a year after getting the computer is a bit of a shock. Again, I never had this kind of problem on any of my PCs (even the clones). I know it’s a bit unfair because Apple has such a pristine reputation for reliability that I might be reacting more harshly to a problem with my Mac than I would have to a PC problem, but that’s what makes it kind of worrisome. When I picked up my iMac, there was actually someone else’s iMac also waiting to be picked up — and this isn’t even a Mac-only repair shop. All I’ll say is that I used to look at my iMac (perhaps naively) without any concern that it might let me down. After having that very thing happen (at a really inopportune time no less), my attitude has definitely changed. I’m at least a bit more realistic about things now. I guess the honeymoon is truly over.

As far as Apple and me, I have to say that their support and customer relations people were very nice. When I explained the situation they were helpful (as much as they could be), but there was still a problem because it took so long to get my part. I would have expected that a logic board (which sounds pretty essential to me) would have been in constant supply. How do they build the new iMacs without them? So despite having nice people answering the phones and talking to me, in the end the problem is still the problem. Without a good supply of parts, the problem doesn’t get solved and the customer is still unhappy. Maybe because of the new iMacs, mine was obsolete and they didn’t really put a high priority on parts for those older models (older being less than one year old). Let’s hope that’s not true. I mean, the new iMacs look great, but I’m not quite ready to upgrade yet.

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